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Innovative ideas stylish designs

The best Designs Cannot be learned, it’s connected to the soul, and with passion, Our long-time experience leads us to keep Owner to do the design ( as he love it ) and not pass it to anyone else, before sending the teams to the job site,

This is how Perfection Timber Flooring has had stable happy Customers over the years

we works with each design and color as that place in need, Vintage Flooring Style or Modren Styles, to pick from 1000 designs to suit your decoration.

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Just email or Call us About your Inquiry, We Will Have Chat, till we end up with the end Goal.

Fast Building

Perfection costomers rescived the job in 2-4 Days,
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Carefully Planned

Perfectin Desk Team, working 7 Days 8 hours a week, Taking Care Of Qoute, Invoices, Tearm And Condition, Send the Right Team for each Project,

Smartly Execute

Our long-time experience leads us to have solutions for each job, from Scratch instalition Custom work, Floor Sanding, and Polishing have peace of mind.

Perfect Design

Designer And Owenr is Alo Ali, he take care of each design and final touch of each Job,

Awward Winning

Interior Custom Flooring Design

As we mentioned the Designs come with passion, we are not there to finish the job, we are there to bring out our styles, for each signal Project, to suit Home or Work Place Style, Many vintage wood floor designs end to modern Stylish, like 80s till 2022s of European And Aussie Hardwood.

Director Alo Ali

Hardwood Floor Style plays a lot with our Psychological state, choosing the right Color and Designs, has a major affecting on the human soul, Special in Morning wake up Coffee Time,

Director Ali

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Perfection Timber Flooring has earned a reputation in the timber flooring industry as leaders in quality, service and value for money,
Perfection Teams expect in Commercial, Studios, Residential, Corporate and Restaurants timber flooring,